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My Name is Levon Krasiss Sindragosa: The First Born Were-Pyre Arch Angel. The day I let my Platoon die... I looked up at those moons... and something died inside of me. I realised a Concience is a obstical - something to overcome that gets in the way.

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I have not completed the previous story and have not editted it for a long while, but I HAVE to get this idea out of my head while it's still fresh. It is a story of revenge. A story where Levon finally comes out on top... A story of torment, torture and the worst pains possibly imagined. A pain deep without the heart of a broken man... and this is how it goes...

Levon was on his way to a planet where he was informed that Sheohalrag had been extremely injured and was in his final stage for survival. This is where we come in- actually... Let's rewind the clocks by about 5 minutes... A Blood Brother Base set in the middle of nowhere... .



Tears rolling down his face, blood pouring out of a stump where one of his arms used to be and snot coming out of his nose, the man, who our most gracious and awesome story writer is putting off naming until we get to that part of the story, crawls as best as he can away from the nightmare that walks toward him. "Please, god, leave me alone! What do you want?! Money? Drugs? Women?!"

A hand grabs the man by the other arm and lifts him up.

| | |

30 minutes earlier.

"WHAT?!" Levon shouted at the top of his lungs. "This man has been stationed there for 3 weeks, you learned of this 2 weeks ago- AND DIDN'T TELL ME?!"

"I didn't tell you because you'd go jump in a drop pod and go down there are your own." Crimson said. midway through Levon giving orders for having a Drop Pod prepped and going in by himself.

"You don't understand how much that man means to me! He is one of the people who helped General Baxton gather the information to give to Nothing to have Jessica assassinated!" He talks down Crimson.

"And that is exactly why you can NOT go. Let us send some men - but if you go, Everything knows what you'll do. You will place the face to one of the men who assisted in destroying you as a person." Crimson sighed, "But if you are hellbent on this, The drop pod 25695-H is ready and already plotted on his location."

"You're going to burn in hell, Crimson." Levon said, clearly pissed.

"I plan on it, Sir." Crimson replies. "I honestly did."





The burnup of atmosphere causes the outside of the pod to begin spraying liquid metal into the atmosphere. Downdraft from the air and the superheated drop pod speeds the decent to dangerous levels. When the airbrakes deploy, the pod is already below the cloud layer. 10 more seconds and a loud earthshaking slam is heard. A pod door launches off and a creature of pure anger and hatred steps out: Levon, With one objective. Slaughter.


"So I said to the guy," The Blood Brother continues. "Bacon, Motherfucker!"

"Dude, You'd never have the balls. Beside, Marks' mother isn't for sale." Another Blood Brother replied.

"Hey, Fuck you. I shot the Shadow Scythe Admiral."

"Bullshit. That guy can fire 20 255mm shells in .2023 seconds."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, dumbshit, but I shot the guy."

"Pics or it never happened."

The boasting Blood Brothers' body is hit by a spray of flaming napalm ignited liquid bioplasmatic thermal paste.

The remaining Blood Brother takes a picture. "Cool story bro, Tell it aga- AGH!"

Levon withdrew The Angel Slayer from the remaining Blood Brothers' throat. "Let's find this fucker." He said with the flaming glare of anger.





Meanwhile, in a nearby Blood Brother outpost.


"And so I said to the guy," The Blood Brother Major continues. "Bacon, Motherfucker!" As soon as he delivered the punchline, the surrounding Blood Brothers looked at him in awe, laughing their asses off.


Meanwhile, In a nearby Blood Brother outpost...


Levon stands directly above the Major on a small ledged rock that the Major had in the right offset center of the outpost.  "Bacon, Motherfucker!" The Blood Brother yelled. Levon then dropped down and landed directly in front of the Major, a three-point landing, where Levon then stands up and begins clapping slowly, almost sarcastically.


The Major, startled, falls backwards, then crawls away from the intruder.


Levon turns to the other Blood Brothers, raises a hand and says "By the Tome of Ordeals, I conjure a terrible Curse of Fleshgrafting."

As he says this, the Blood Brothers close themselves in their suits, sealing off with their visors. Suddenly, the battlereadying Blood Brothers fall limp and collapses to the ground, their visors denting and smashing open, allowing entire swaths of blood to pour out of the suits, no trace of skin, meat or bone, but there is a white liquid that flows among the red ooze...


The Major recovers and begins running, all while screaming "INTRUDER! ABANDON THE SEARCH FOR THE WORM, THE ADMIRAL IS HERE!"


Somewhere off in the distance...


An small larvae crawls on the ground, fleeing from the outpost, traces of charged superions left in his wake suggests he was hit by an Ion Particle Cannon. It finds a bit of brush to hide under and begins burying itself alittle til only its head remained above ground, then looks back at the Outpost. "Damnit, Levon... Why did you come here?" It says. "I came here to destroy him before you could find out about him..." the larva shudders. "It's so cold without the infernal body of the Uncreation Universe Devastatorlisk..." Said Sheohalrag in larva form.


Back in the outpost...


Levon withdraws the Angel Slayer from a Blood Brothers' gut, sheathing it and pulling out the Hellbringer, slamming a magazine into it and pulling back on the bolt. Once a shell is pulled into the chamber, he slams the bolt forward and slams it down. The small army of Blood Brothers pulled off from searching for the mortally wounded Sheohalrag is returning to the outpost to try and defeat Levon... Before the first 20 gigantic HEAT rounds tore into the crowd of armored men, ripping people in half.


A Blood Brother put on a snail hat. "Nope. I'm nopin' the fuck out of here on a Nope'O'Clock - Nope-stop Nope-train to Nope-ville." And then begins walking away cassually, having left his gun behind. He is no longer a threat.


Levon, seeing them all now fleeing and how the one is walking away in the face of total annihilation, lowers his rifle. "Eh... He can live..."


The man begins whistling while walking away, then is crushed under a Transformation Mech Platform. It's SSEMC tech. The Blood Brothers aren't even using their own shit anymore, they're stealing from the SSEMC. The Mech turns and spins up its guns.


"Appearantly..." Levon seeing the man get crushed "...Not..." He sees the Gattling Guns getting spun up - Levon was a partial designer of the SSEMC Transformation Platform, He knows what the armaments on the mechs are. 65mm Gattling Cannons, 200mm cluster-missiles and an Air-To-Ground payload carpet bomb ordinance.


"Who've we got here - The Admiral himself? What did we do to deserve this most ungracious visit from the most hated man I've ever heard of?" Comes from the Transforlation Platform PA systems.


"Major Pang Indie Ash." Levon says, struggling to keep a straight face. "Tell me, when was the last time you tongue-punched Baxton's asshole? I know you were his favourite lapdog for a long time. Let me guess... You stopped sucking on this dick - he sent you on this shit assignment?"


"Oh, Oh, ah ah ooh. Yoo shoo fawney. Just shut the fuck up and die you stupid failure of a human being." The Transformation platform spins up its chainguns and unleashes a 2x300 rounds per second spray of red hot 65mm Halcyon-Class Explosive-Bioplasma centered rounds toward the Arch Angel. Upon seeing the wall of projectiles being fired in his direction, He kneels down and grabs a hold of a tree root, clenching his jaw and looking away. The Platform's chainguns begin glowing red hot from firing so many rounds per second - it will need to temporarily shut down the chainguns or else it will melt the cannons. The wall of explosive shells arrives at Levon's location, slamming against his armor with the force of an encoming semi-truck, the first round dents it, the second round hits him at his feet, ripping apart the tree root he wrapped his hands around and sending him off balance and falling backwards.


Levon is caught midair by a round, which plasters him against the ground, sprawled out and denting the backside of his armor - the asphyxiating force of both of sides of the Titancrusher Armor is keeping him from being able to breathe. He quickly scrabbles to get to his hands and gasps like a fish, trying to get oxygen. Any oxygen - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HE NEEDS AIR! He reaches back and unclips his breastplate and lets the armor fall to the ground, sucking in a huge gulp of air and nearly collapsing from oxygen deprivation.


"Welly well. Not dead yet, are we?... Gotta say... I really didn't have a backup plan - Thought you would have died from the first salvuc.. slavico... mrapimpnamedslickback..." The Major stumbles to try to find the right word.

"Salvo, you fucking idjit?" Levon says, grasping his crushed chest... he feels something loose. Some of his ribs have cracked and broken apart of his ribcage, delivering unimaginable pain to him.

"No matter..." The Major says, "You gave me a strong enough weapon to deal with you now." The Major points the right arm at Levon, a 10 megawatt laser projects onto him, beginning to sear his flesh slowly. Levon grabs a hold of and hoists his breastplate up to protect as much of himself as possible. The Major activates the actual laser, not just the pointer, sending hundreds of quadrillions of lumens condensed into a laser line blazing at Levon, scorching the armor.

The Transformation Platform lurches forward and lands near Levon, The hatch pops open and the Major pokes his head out. "You dead yet?... no? Unfuckingbelievable." The hatch closes. "I've got to fucking change that." The massive rocket pods whine ear-piercingly with the sound of the warheads arming. As soon as he presses the button to let the first missile loose, An outstanding crushing force slams into the platform, the monstrosity came from trees from behind Levon and slices the first rocket into four pieces that slide harmlessly across Sheohalrag's body and slam into the ground. Sheohalrag launches multiple mutated limbs out of his body that are barbed with unrealistically sharp coils. The limbs hook onto the Transformation Platform, where Sheo yanks and draws in the Major.

"Give. Me. One. Excuse." Sheohalrag growls directly into the hatch of the cockpit. The Titancrusher armor liquifies and begins wrapping around Levon before rehardening, subconciously reshaping to protect the Archangel. A 35 Megaton Payload is dropped from the front of the Transformation Platform in the Bomb-Bay. It strikes Sheo in the tip of his spiked chest and blasts the Platform back while roasting and shreading Sheohalrag, Obliterating his front half. "THAT'S REASON ENOUGH FOR ME!" Sheohalrag, mutilated, begins remorphing into an Uncreation Universe Devastatorlisk. "COME HERE, YOU MONSTER!" He bellows at the Major hard enough to shatter the cockpit glass. He charges forward, the massive lumbering beast, even with its enormous size - he was almost too fast to keep track of, ramming its giant blades through the Platform.

"Activate self destruct, Codephrase "Be Human!" the major yells and ejects. His seat launches into the air before being yanked out of the air. Sheo has bit onto his chair. "I'm taking you with me, Bastard!" After a couple seconds, a biothermobaric plasmatic explosion engolfs the massive lumbering fel-beast and the Major.

Powerful bolts of lightning blaze across the landscape from the Alpha-Omega-Omicron Supercore exploding, the energy released across the landscape causes bolts of lightning to strike what remains of Levon's armor, which reacts of its own accord, absorbing and redirecting it to the nearby forestline, scorching nearby trees into a blasing hellstorm. A piece of biomass lands next to him and bounces before wiggling. A tiny worm. "Pewh! Peh-hew... I think I got him..." Sheohalrag squeeks.

Levon picks up the tiny larval creature and looks at him. "I keep forgetting a massive planet destroying creature comes from such a miniscule insect." After a couple seconds, he places the larva inside his armors' ammo cache.

About that time, a seat comes crashing down onto the ground, a kenetic ion shield cracking and shattering against the ground and the contents falling free. The Major. With target lock, Levon begins striding forward, advancing on The Major.

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